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Many pastors utilize innovative and creative means to communicate with church members, the community, and the world.

Many more pastors lack the knowledge of the unlimited potential for taking their message out beyond the walls of the church.

Social media engagement consumes time and energy. Although most of the services do not charge to participate, engaging with social media effectively uses resources and energy.

However, for all the time you invest, expect a pay-off in ways you will never anticipate—if you invest wisely and follow a thoughtfully formulated strategy.

Pastors need a social media strategy

If you do not currently engage social media as a part of your pastoral ministry allow me to ask you to consider some of the following ideas.

  • Social media will provide a new manner by which you can get a “pulse” on the concerns and aspirations of your people (and community).
  • Social media will provide a new means to show yourself, your church, and what you do.
  • Always approach social media with a strategy and an understanding of the “social” aspect; it must not be confused with “broadcast” media. Interaction lies at the heart of the social communication aspect.

Considering stepping up and adding social media to your pastoral ministry or church communication process?

  • What questions do you have regarding the ways and means of becoming more engaged?
  • More importantly, what holds you back from beginning the process?


  • Have you recently formulated a social media strategy and begun the process of growing your presence and influence via social media?
  • What did you learn once you began?
  • What new questions and challenges have come up?
  • Has the experiment proven successful so far? Why or why not?

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Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

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