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May 2, 2013 — Leave a comment



It is a word defined as someone who speaks in favor of something or someone.

When we are born, we are all self-advocates. When we don’t get what we need, what we want, or think we want, we complain – loudly.

Becoming a productive and successful adult means becoming an advocate for something else, for something bigger than ourselves. That’s one step further away from the infant state of self-advocacy.

Not everyone is a leader. A leader is someone with followers. The role of followers has been misunderstood and sometimes frowned upon.

A follower is someone who, like the leader, is an advocate for something bigger than themselves. Suppose you like what someone else advocates, you decide to become an advocate for someone else. That’s huge. It is huge because it means moving one step further away from the self-love of self-advocacy. Becoming an advocate for someone else (and what he or she is an advocating) just might take a little something more than being the leader.

Remember, we call them higher callings and higher purposes for a reason. They are “higher” because they exist above our self-centered demands of self-advocacy. It is not that someone or something is “higher” than us in value, just more valuable than our self-interests and desire for personal gain or positional power.

If that is true, then, could it be that “leadership” is over-rated? Is it also possible that your success and fulfillment may come from abdicating self-advocacy and joining up and getting behind someone else?

What do you think?