Everything Speaks! Are You Listening?

April 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

Everything Speaks!

It does not matter what kind of work you do, where you graduated from, or what training and experience may have accumulated; finding and keeping a job is challenging in 2012. I want to share with you how to increase your chances by keeping one thing in mind: everything speaks.

Obviously we speak with our words and body language; we speak through our resume and cover letter. But we also speak through other things that we may or may not be fully aware. For instance, we speak through our attire – what we wear at work every day or when we actually get that job interview speaks volumes.

Dressing too casually does not project a professional image. It can send the unintentional message that we do not take the job seriously.

We speak through our attitudes and actions. The following list of etiquette mistakes were put together by the Protocol School of Washington .

Top 5 Business Etiquette mistakes and how to correct them

  1. Unprofessional office attire (dress two levels above your position)
  2. Improper handshake (use a firm, web-to-web handshake)
  3. Poor eye contact (make eye contact 40% – 60% of the time in between the eyebrows)
  4. Poor dining skills (when in doubt watch the host)
  5. Cell phone rudeness (keep phones on vibrate and use your library voice)

85% of job success is connected with social skills

Social skills are no longer an option. Developing personal awareness of what we say through our attitudes and actions is a life-skill we can all develop and continuously improve. It is the little things that ‘speak’ – the little things we are constantly ‘saying’ with our actions that will either speak for us or against us at work.

Everything speaks – be aware of what you say!


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